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Pholio was approached by Emilia Clarke and her charity SameYou to create a powerful visual for her NFT offering.

Emilia Clarke’s inspirational offering, titled Resilience, is a unique and unrepeatable digital 3D NFT sold in concert with the acquisition of the captivating, bespoke Atelier Versace dress Emilia debuted on the red carpet at the 68th Emmy Awards show in 2016. Emilia Clarke’s voice guides the viewer of the NFT on a cinematic journey through the stages of healing, repair and rediscovering your same you. A visual feast of vivid, living forms symbolizes the individual’s mind, the path to recovery, and subsequently the rebirth of one’s self by passing through trauma.


On the 21st March 2019 the actor Emilia Clarke shared her deeply personal experiences of having two cerebral aneurysm bleeds. She spoke of having two neurosurgeries and the consequent neurological symptoms such as losing her speech, pain, fatigue and the psychological impact.

Emilia realised she was not alone and that others had experienced similar things. So she asked you to tell her your story - and you and your loved ones responded with stories of your pain, loss, resilience and recovery, just like Emilia.

In addition to the main film our team continued to work alongside to create more NFT offerings for the SameYou charity. Among them was the following short video targeting a wider audience. The goal here was to create a succinct, honest metaphor about loss, grief and recovery.