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"Kronos is the god of time. Kairos (K8IROS), which Spencer's brand is named after, was his son. Kairos stands for optimal timing”

Partnering with the teams at Suku and Calaxy, Pholio & DreamView were tasked with showcasing the Spencer Dinwiddie's K8iros high performance basketball shoes in a series of NFT offerings. Our approach was simple: Four Pantheon videos, each with a unique color to represent the color pallete of each shoe. The twitch motion reflects the disruptive nature of the K8iros brand.

A few things stood out to us when analyzing K8IROS as a brand. The reference to time had us thinking about the inner workings of a watch. Further, the sharp edges of the Greek font used in the label brought to mind the use of harsh corners and angles to build a space like a Pantheon of old.