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iSeason 7 of the Motion Poems film festival was produced in partnership with the
Cave Canem: A home for black poetry, featuring films featuring black poets.

Creative Director Jonah Hall brought Monique Adelle's poem "A Sonnet After Chopin's Requieum" to life with this magical film filled with fantasy and symbolism.


for E.M.D.

Let every day be night, let everything be gone. Let only rest the music here. Timpani beats, an undulating cheer; its pulse and throb a body’s stammering. A thin mazurka’s labyrinthine wail echoing the rise and fall of strings, that blue-black body of the Steinway sings. You press your fingers to my spine, inhale, you pull me in and hold until I sound. The hammering of sibilating wires steel and tethered to a bed of springs articulate in uttered voiceless sound, a tongue of keys alive with fingered wires. Oh yes, I whisper, this, my love, is grand.